1. What is the schedule?

2. Who is the camp director?

Jacob serves as the head of Audio/Visual at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. He graduated from Baptist Bible College in 2019 with a degree in Church Ministries with an emphasis in youth. As a college student, he traveled around the country with worship teams from BBC as the sound engineer. He's been involved in super cool, really fun camp ministries for over four years. You may also recognize him from his service in the children's ministry at Park Crest through his recurring role in Jingle Jam, Easter Jam, The Park Show, and all the other stuff he does. Jacob is an avid lover of ice cream (chocolate chip flavor for days), dinosaurs (RIP), and can flawlessly sing both parts to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". 



Tyler Carleton is currently a BBFI missionary to Nicaragua and previously served as the Children's Pastor at Park Crest Baptist Church in Springfield, MO. Often described as "basically a 6' 4" child", Tyler has a huge heart for reaching kids all around the world with the Gospel and helping them see how they can be a part of what God is doing around them. Tyler graduated from Baptist Bible College in 2019 and has a love as deep as the ocean for biscuits and gravy, his handsome dog, Huck, and using sarcasm to defuse tense moments.

4. What if my kid has never been to camp?

That's totally ok! There will be plenty of other kids experiencing camp for the first time this week as well. We think that means they'll have even more fun! We believe camp is a week where LIFE CHANGE happens and there is no better way for a kid to spend their summer than experiencing the LIFE CHANGE that knowing Jesus brings. They may be scared (you may be more scared than they are), but our team of volunteers and staff, along with the kids and leaders from your own church, will make sure they have the best week ever!


5. Can i come for a visit?

Absolutely! While camp gives kids a chance to experience LIFE CHANGE and GROW in their relationship with Christ alongside their peers, growing alongside their family is also important. We would love for you to visit during one of our evening sessions and worship right alongside your kids, or enjoy a meal with them and their friends. This can be a great way to encourage them in their faith journey and keep the home-sickness away. 

If you stay too long, though, we'll have to start charging you...

6. Will there be a nurse at camp? 

First-aid certified volunteers will be serving as lifeguards during the week, as well as a camp nurse.

The camp nurse will be able to assist in the distribution of daily medications if your child needs assistance in that area.


7. Can my kid bring electronics?

Kids Camp is a great time for your kids to take a break from their electronics and focus on growing in their relationship with Christ. However, electronics are allowed at the discretion of your church's Children Director. For emergencies during the week, please use the list of contacts provided by your Children's Director, or contact the Camp Director, Jacob Stephens, at 417.655.7439

8. What should my kid bring to camp?

  1. Modest clothing for service and recreation

  2. Pajamas

  3. Swimsuit

  4. Beach towel

  5. Shower towel

  6. Toiletries

  7. Closed-toe shoes for recreation

  8. Water shoes/sandals for shower/pool

  9. Bible

  10. Pen

  11. Bedding/sleeping bag

  12. Pillow

  13. Spending money

  14. Sunscreen

  15. Bugspray

  16. Flashlight